The only client you'll need for all of your instant messaging apps



Franz is a client that allows you to use all of your instant messaging apps on one single interface. For now, the list of supported apps includes: Slack, Whatsapp, WeChat, HipChat, Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, Google Hangouts, GroupMe, Skype and Grape.

The only thing you'll have to do to start using a Franz messaging service is log in with your user account. For example, if you want to use Telegram all you'll need to do is type in your phone number. For Facebook, just put in your account and password, and for Whatsapp, you can scan a QR code.

Franz's interface is very comfortable for managing several accounts, given that each of them appears in a different tab. On top of that, thanks to notifications, you'll be able to see if there are any unread messages in any of the apps.

Franz is a very interesting program for any user that spends a significant amount of time on their PC. Thanks to Franz you'll be able to respond to any message regardless of where you got it. And you'll get to do it without checking your phone or having to run a bunch of different clients from your PC.

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